Sunday, May 8, 2011


Kepanjangan singkatan dalam chat yahoo messenger seperti lol, lmao, rofl, brb, afk, ty, np dll

lol = laughing out loud
lmao = laugh my ass off

rofl = rolling on the floor laughing
brb = be right back
afk = away from keyboard
ty = thank you
thx = thanks
np = no problem
LOL = Little Old Lady
LMAO = Love My Arthritis Ointment
ROFL = Retirement Opportunity, Fort Lauderdale
AFK = Anyone Feeling Kinky
NP = Nightime Poop
OMG = Oh My God , Oh my ghost
WTF = Wag the Finger
TTYL = Time To Your Laxitives
FYI = For your information
PIMP = Peeing In My Pants
BTW = buy the way
BITCH = Babe In Total Control Honey
LOL = Lots Of Love
TMI = Too much information
YW = You're welcome
ttyl = Talk to you later
LOL = Lots of Lotus's
LMAO = Large Male Attack Orangutan
ROFL = Rotten Old Fruit Loops
BRB: Big Red Balloons
AFK: A Fortunate Kiwi
TY: Taters? Yum!
THX: The Home-schooled Xylophone
NP: Narcissistic Pears
LOL = Lots of Love
WTF = Welcome to facebook
GBY = God Bless You
ROFLRH = Rolling On the Floor Laughing Real Hard
LWKMD= Laugh wan kill me die
stfu = shut the fuck up
GTG = Got To Go
LYLAS = Love You Like A Sister
NVM = nevermind
WTH = what the hell
Kit = Keep in touch
W8 = Wait
ARGO = Ar Go Fuck Yourself
NUNYA = Nun'Ya Fuckin' Business
ASL = Age,Sex,Leave

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Hz eL said...

yang no 27 keren.... wkwkwkwk.... (y)

ririssihombing said...

kepanjangan dari chat

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